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In June 2013, Iran held its regularly scheduled presidential election.

On 15 June, the Interior Minister announced that Hassan Rouhani had won over 50% of the first round votes, thus making a run-off election unnecessary. Voter turnout was reported to have been 72%

Western media almost universally described President-elect Rouhani as a "moderate," although Forbes magazine described him as the "least worst" candidate. Rouhani was the chief negotiator for former President Khatami dealing with the nuclear energy and weapons issues.

The election was basically peaceful. Eight candidates who were allowed to run. (The Guardian Council had eliminated 45 candidates before the election.) The eight candidates participated in three televised debates. Two of the eight dropped out before the election.

Saeed Jalili, Iran's chief security official and noted conservative, was seen by most observers as the favorite going into the election.



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