Brand New: Just the Facts! 2nd Edition

The Facts and Definitions You Need to Know for the
AP Comparative Government and Politics Exam

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Table of Contents
121 pages
  1. Introduction to Comparative Politics (part one)
  2. Sovereignty, Authority, and Power
  3. Political Institutions
  4. Citizens, Society, and the State
  5. Political and Economic Change
  6. Public Policy
  7. Introduction to Comparative Politics (part two)
  8. Case Studies: The AP Six in Review
  9. Taking the Exam
  10. Additional Resources
Just the Facts! is a succinct little guide
(6x9" -- the size of an iPad) to use when
reviewing for the AP Comparative
Government and Politics exam.

  • Just the Facts! includes a thorough
    list of vital concepts presented in
    the course.
  • Each concept is accompanied
    by clear definitions and examples.
  • The book is organized around
    the six major topics of the
    course outline.
  • Just the Facts! includes details
    about each of the countries
    included in the course.
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